navigator north @ rednile Factory Nights

Navigator took part in rednile’s recent Factory Nights event on Sunday 26th June at Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge and The Captain Cook Public House in the Greater Middlehaven area.

Factory Nights are free and informal sessions that simply provide an opportunity for creative people to come together in an interesting venue and supportive environment to make work or initiate ideas.

During the afternoon we had the opportunity to climb up the many steps of the Transporter bridge until we reached the top, where we were presented with an amazing view of the area. Everyone seemed to be a little nervous to begin with, most were reluctant to let go of the reassuring comfort of the hand rail at first! But once up there, people began writing, sketching and talking about their ideas and sharing thoughts…very inspirational stuff.

The second visit of the day took us to the Captain Cook public house in the St Hilda’s area, which is a Grade 11 listed building, with a very colourful history including violence, prostitution, smuggling and of course, drinking. The building itself had an air of abandonment with personnal items belonging to the previous landlady left behind. The rooms inside the building each had their own atmosphere often heightened by the abandoned objects.

I’m sure lots of the people involved in this Factory Nights event will be thinking about their experience and how it will inspire the creation of work, collaborations and performances. Navigator appreciated the opportunity to be there and it’s certainly got us thinking!

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